Foam Experts & Roofing Co specialize in mobile home roofing.

Foam Experts & Roofing Co has been local owned for more than 28 years, specializing in mobile homes roofing service. Our roofing company can handle everything from maintenance and repairs to complete roof replacement and everything in between. We offer affordable repairs that support the roof over your head in excellent condition. If it is time for a new one, we also offer complete roof installation service and reroofs.

mobile-home-roofingMobile homes, also called manufactured homes, usually have metal roofs that take a great deal of damaging from harsh atmospheric condition. Because of their designing, mobile homes are exceptionally warm in the summer season because they attract heat. This abuse can cause leaks and holes from roofing connections, as well as poor energy efficiency. To clear these issues, replace the roof covering with a new mobile home roof or retrofit the roof to provide better protection from the elements.

Foam Experts & Roofing Co can install you simple, true and tried roofing systems using a rubber membrane that fits right over your current roof. The rubber sheet protects against damage and leaks because the rubberized asphalt seals tightly at the overlaps and most punctures. Roofing a mobile home with Foam Experts & Roofing Co will provide a long-lasting waterproof barrier that requires no coating.

To make the installation and buying process easy, very cost effective and affordable, we will install for you a complete, customized kit that includes everything you will need for your mobile home’s roof in its geographical location. We also offer free, installation discussion on our toll-free phone – (530) 206-3180.

Our specialized mobile home roofing company is always there to assist you, who will see your site and suggest you the best solution as per your requires and funds. Even you will be provided with a proper financial estimate at hand so as to take smart decision for infrastructural investments.